About Us

About Us

foGOT is committed to serving international schools, providing teaching equipment suitable for different stages of school, convenient for schools to centrally purchase, according to different stages and levels of children’s development, to meet the common needs of schools, children and parents, professional accompany children to better growth, assist schools to better educate children, save time with experience, with professional services!

Our History

Make requirements simple

We try our best to meet the different needs from different schools and different teachers.



Satisfied customers worldwide and growing


Our Story

foGOT is a website that provides a full range of products for international schools. Founded in 2011, the headquarters is located in Shanghai, with distribution center and office hall, we have a number of general and professional brands, categories currently include art supplies, office supplies, sports goods, design materials and other categories, categories are still gradually enriched.

Comprehensive coverage is now available in all product areas of primary, secondary and early education, as well as specialist resources for school business managers, science teaching, physical education and sports equipment.

Our Future

Growing Fast

To build foGOT into a one-stop shopping service platform for all categories of school education



Regional offices around the world


foGOT with professional services to accompany children every step of the growth!