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Search for information such as product names or models.

New users first need to register, set up an account and password, and use an email or mobile phone number to complete the registration After the registration is complete, you can use the account password to login

Store the selected goods in the shopping cart

It is suitable for bulk purchase of goods. Input the number and quantity of goods to complete the bulk order


If you are an organization of a business, school, or state institution, then you may be eligible for a 30-day interest-free credit account that can be paid by invoice.

Pay via wechat or Alipay,If you need business bank account information, please contact [email protected]

Returns / Exchanges

Please call our foGOT Customer Service team at 021-63748976 to arrange your return

Make sure you provide us with your customer account and sales order number, as well as the product code for the item you are returning, and confirm the number of packages to be collected, as well as contact information for updates and notifications.

Pack your goods and send them by Courier to our return address. We will evaluate, process and update your account upon receipt.

We will arrange your return and confirm your pickup details via email.

You will receive an email from us to confirm the completion of your item return service.

We are committed to ensuring our customers have the best experience when shopping with us from start to finish. We understand that sometimes a product may not be right for you and you want to be able to return it easily. You can return it for free within 7 days. We have developed online and telephone return services to make the process as smooth as possible.


  1. The goods above 300 yuan can be provided with free delivery service, and the goods below 300 yuan need to pay another 12 yuan fee.
  2. Goods in stock will be delivered by SF Express within 2 working days.
  3. Freight services are available in Shanghai.